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Incidents closed by Owner - SLA

Victoria Heeley

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Hi I've got a report showing me "Incidents - All Closed Grouped by Owner with Graph to Show In/Outside Resolve Target "

but I want to try to display it in a format more like this;

(Imagine it's a table 4 columns)

Owner Name - No. of Tickets - SLA Met -  %

J Smith - 25 - No - 25%

J Smith - 75 - Yes - 75%



anyone got any advice?

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Hi @Victoria Heeley

This won't be possible in the format you have requested - we can't current do "Table" based reports in this way, nor does our standard functionality deal with percentages.

I can possibly create a grouped report to show the count of tickets against the user, and then a Chart next to every user that will show the breakdown of SLA within fix/breached fix - would this suffice?

If so, what is the date range and criteria here? 
If it tickets resolved last month + the owner of the ticket when it was resolved?

Kind regards


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