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  1. Hi I've just been asked about this by my boss, it's something we would find really useful.
  2. Having been live with Hornbill for over 2 months now we are finding that it would be better for us if tasks on a ticket were automatically re-assigned when the parent ticket is re-assigned but keeping the ability to manually reassign as well would be more useful. or being able to update tasks even if it's not owned by the person needing to update it. Also is there a way of taking ownership of a task if you are not the owner (that I have missed reading about?) Thanks
  3. Hi we have got some images and i believe we have followed the WIki; " Background The Header Background can be configured to set the height and the color, or add a background image. The size depends on many factors like if the background is a pattern or if it has details, but to give general an idea; 1024 x 300 pixels. It can be of any web format such as JPEG or PNG" but they are not appearing as expected - screenshots attached. Any advice?
  4. Thanks ! couldn't see for looking.... updated it AND applied an ESP condition as per the Wiki (now i can find it i've found all the info) :-)
  5. I think I must be doing something wrong then as I try that but no options come up. I'll take another look.
  6. Hi Bob ah ok and yes last month + owner would work
  7. Hi we sometimes have emails that come in from one party (e.g. HR) but we then need to attach it to a ticket that the line manager logs I am finding i can't search for tickets that aren't logged against the same user name? is this correct? I would like to be able to attach an email to ANY ticket if possible.
  8. Sorry I missed this - I'm not sure what you mean re the latter part of your response - I think visually adding a border on the initial page and then within the service will help users see there are different options (buttons almost) to select. does that make more sense?
  9. Hi - we are a fairly informal Service Desk and would like it if the email templates could just apply the user's first name only i think at the moment the whole name is used H_fk_user_name would it be possible to change it akin the Owner who has these fields - owner.H_first_name, owner.H_last_name. ? Thanks
  10. I am also trying to create a report - last full month Top 10 categories for incidents. and I seem to be stuck at the first hurdle (well I've selected create report and named it! grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction?
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