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  1. Hi we have got some images and i believe we have followed the WIki; " Background The Header Background can be configured to set the height and the color, or add a background image. The size depends on many factors like if the background is a pattern or if it has details, but to give general an idea; 1024 x 300 pixels. It can be of any web format such as JPEG or PNG" but they are not appearing as expected - screenshots attached. Any advice?
  2. Thanks ! couldn't see for looking.... updated it AND applied an ESP condition as per the Wiki (now i can find it i've found all the info) :-)
  3. I think I must be doing something wrong then as I try that but no options come up. I'll take another look.
  4. Thanks I'll give them a try - our categories are mandatory on closure.
  5. Hi Bob ah ok and yes last month + owner would work
  6. Hi we sometimes have emails that come in from one party (e.g. HR) but we then need to attach it to a ticket that the line manager logs I am finding i can't search for tickets that aren't logged against the same user name? is this correct? I would like to be able to attach an email to ANY ticket if possible.
  7. Sorry I missed this - I'm not sure what you mean re the latter part of your response - I think visually adding a border on the initial page and then within the service will help users see there are different options (buttons almost) to select. does that make more sense?
  8. Hi - we are a fairly informal Service Desk and would like it if the email templates could just apply the user's first name only i think at the moment the whole name is used H_fk_user_name would it be possible to change it akin the Owner who has these fields - owner.H_first_name, owner.H_last_name. ? Thanks
  9. I am also trying to create a report - last full month Top 10 categories for incidents. and I seem to be stuck at the first hurdle (well I've selected create report and named it! grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction?
  10. Hi I've got a report showing me "Incidents - All Closed Grouped by Owner with Graph to Show In/Outside Resolve Target " but I want to try to display it in a format more like this; (Imagine it's a table 4 columns) Owner Name - No. of Tickets - SLA Met - % J Smith - 25 - No - 25% J Smith - 75 - Yes - 75% etc... anyone got any advice?
  11. I've tried 2 bulletins on the same service so far and yes happens with both Mozilla Firefox Tried several refreshes and yes it remains No but i tried one and it showed like yours above. so a workaround is to be sure i add an image. I've got a colleague who uses Edge and he gets the same
  12. Just started working with Bulletins and they seem to be formatted to the right - is this correct? I can't see anywhere to change this.
  13. Hi updated the application and then reloaded application cache and it's worked.
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