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Guest Ehsan

Hi @AndyGilly,

The Requests listed by the widget are ordered by the last updated date. An update may have been performed by the Request's customer (i.e. the user who's viewing their Request in the Employee Portal) or the agent who is in charge of the Request. We do not record a history of visits to a Request and we don't have an enhancement request for this requirement on our road map for this year. We can revisit this topic in the future once when there are more requests for this enhancement.


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Hi Ehsan

thanks for the reply

In terms of the My Requests widget - is it possible to filter that item by domain?

It would make sense for domain pages to have just those requests, otherwise the search and services can be filtered by domain but then the my request widget will show all requests?



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Guest Ehsan


Requests widget will by default filter the Requests by the domain in the configured page. In the example below, I'm within the IT page, which links to a Service Domain. The Requests widget within this page will apply a filter.



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