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Notifications for CC's

RIchard Horton

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If someone sends a request to HSM and copies other people in only the person who raised the request gets the ticket number. If others then reply a new ticket is then created. And even if they don't they don't know the ticket information to ask about it, which seeing as they were copied they might be interested in. We have an area who would like people who are CC'd on the original email to be notified of the ticket created. I can see this happening one or two ways (i) where the notification is made generic so everyone gets the same notification (ii) where there is a separate template for the CC's (and when I say CC I am including other people in the To: list).

I gather that the functionality for this isn't in HSM at the moment. Would this be of interest to others as well as me 

PS We probably only want this for one of the Hornbill mailboxes.  

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@RIchard Horton

This is something we have raised a couple of enhancements for previously around automatic adding of connections, when requests are raise or even updated by email.

Recent updates have allowed you to obtain the To: and CC: email addresses, so you could use these in the BPM of the notification email is sent by your workflow, to include the other parties, but there is no linkage or matching available to add them as connections as far as I am aware.





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