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Hi Team,

really is not a big issue but thought I would make visible.

The Search functionality is using a category of 'Service Request' that actually returns all 'Request' - Incident and Service Request Catalogue items. Customers may get confused by the language???

It would be great to have incidents and Requests or Faults and Requests seperated




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Hi Andy,

Thanks for your post.  This is oddly a tough one to get right.  A Service Request could be translated as any request that can be raised or has been raised against a service.  Or it could be a general request (also known as a Service Request or some like to call it just a Request.  Or an Incident Request or Change Request. I think that the terminology may work differently for slightly different audiences.  

We do our best to provide translations to allow our customers to fine tune to their needs.  I believe that this is the translation for the tab that you are asking about.  I've included the breadcrumb in the screenshot so you can see where to go to make this change.  I would be interested to hear back which term you decide to go with.  



I hope this helps.



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thanks @James Ainsworth, top info 

I will have a look at the options. 

As you suggest, I guess its the choice between IT best practise and the best term for our customers.

It may even end up being something like 'faults and requests' 

I will let you know

On another note, is there a similar setting somewhere that drives the order the item types appear in the returned items when using 'All'??

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