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Apply to Request does not create a request timeline entry with the email


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Has anyone seen any issues with using the "Apply to Request" feature in emails. We have seen a few emails now where when using this feature the email says it has been applied and moves to the deleted items as expected but on review of the call there is nothing in the timeline. 

If the email in question had attachments these have applied to the attachments section but the email itself does nothing. 

Any ideas. 


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16 hours ago, AndyHill said:

I wouldn't say particularly long. In total 10,188 characters.

...and that's ...not particularly long :) ... I just wonder what would be long then :) 

Personally whenever I see an email spawning on more than one page which I have to read, I'm like:


On a serious note now, there is a limit of how many characters are allowed in a timeline entry (managed via this system setting buzz.activity.post.maxTextSize). The default value is 8192 characters. Anything larger than the amount specified in the setting is trimmed so the timeline entry can be created. So your email has 10K and it will be trimmed in the timeline entry, assuming the setting has a value less than 10K. However, we have identified a defect in which the trim result will still exceed the amount specified in the setting, in which case the creation of the timeline entry fails. This defect is fixed in the next SM app update (current ETA for deployment of the next update is 29/04). I believe this defect is why you have this issue in your instance now.

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  • Victor changed the title to Apply to Request does not create a request timeline entry with the email

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