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COVID-19: We’re in IT together


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As the COVID-19 situation continues to escalate, we are all doing everything we can to keep our businesses running, protect our livelihoods and our loved ones. In such unprecedented times, it’s only natural to be a bit scared.

It was fear, more than greed, that stripped our supermarket shelves bare. Yet, across the entire supply chain, people are collaborating to address challenges, and ensure shelves are restocked. In the coming weeks, we’ll hear more and more stories of selfless acts, bravery, kindness, and people working together to keep services running and support their communities. 

As you face your own business challenges, remember that every member of the Hornbill community is facing these too. Please reach out to this group, share your challenges, and ask for help. People have already addressed issues that you are about to tackle, and in true Hornbill Community form, they will be happy to help, despite having to keep their own plates spinning.

As you tackle the huge task of enabling remote working, keeping information flowing between your teams it is more critical than ever. Over the last seven years, collaboration has become part of Hornbill’s DNA. We can offer guidance, advice and free collaboration licenses to help you through this crisis, and as a community, we can do even more.

Please let the Hornbill community know the issues you’re struggling with, and although we’re all flat out, you will get help, because we’re in IT together.

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