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Unable to Raise Requests


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Unable to raise requests from emails or as a standard new request. Once started the following screenshot appears on the next page. 
This was working correctly on these devices previously.
This is the same across 4 different devices (Variations of Win10 and IOS) on 3 different networks. Any ideas?  



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Hi @RobPeck

The status on your instance looks OK and I'm not seeing this issue locally.  Have you tried clearing browser caches etc as a first step? 

Just for further information, is this affecting all users or just yourself? and are other Hornbill views broken in the same way or is it just raising requests?

Kind Regards,


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Hi Dave, yes cache has been cleared, system restarted, and then tried on other devices as well. It is just affecting myself, other members of my team can raise requests as normal. 

I am able to navigate around, see request queues , apply filters etc. This just occurs when I need to raise a request. Which unfortunately is my primary function.

Appreciate your time looking at this.

Many thanks

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