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Difficulty in differentiating SRs regarding Questions Vs Changes


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We're having some difficulty when it comes to differentiating Catalog Item 'Ask a Question' Vs Catalog Items that require small changes.

We work with external customers and within the external customers, there are certain individuals who are authorised to request changes to be made

For instance, if a new user needs to be created, there is a 'Manage User(s)' CI, but only certain individuals have access to view this from the Customer Portal. Some external customers are raising the 'Ask a Question' CI and as Analysts at the other end, it's not noticed that the customer has raised the incorrect CI and the changes are being made when they shouldn't be

Does anyone have any ideas on how we can make the difference between SR CIs obvious?


One idea that was put forward was to have different coloured SLAs, as the SLA for 'Ask a Question' is different to the SLA for 'Manage User(s)'


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I have a change in our backlog that would allow you to present a coloured banner at the top of the request with some text within it.  This would be driven from the BPM.  So at the beginning of the workflow if it is a Manage User SR then you would display banner X and if it was an Ask a Question you would display banner Y.  Would something like this help?

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As of Hornbill Service Manager build 1985, we have introduced a new feature that provides the ability to add notices to the top of a request.  

At the top of the Information panel, there is a new button to add and manage Request Notices.  From here, the owner of the request or someone with full request rights can manually add and remove notices.  


Notices can also be added and removed using the BPM workflow


Another area within the BPM Workflows where this can be used are the Suspend Nodes.  You can add a notice to a suspend node to provide a bit more information to the user as to why the request is suspended and what needs to be done to continue.  The notice will be automatically removed once the BPM progresses. 




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