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Service Manager build (1838)

Paul Welby

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Hi, since we updated to build 1838, there have been issues with form ID's within the progressive capture and get the attached warning.

Email updates seem to have changed as well, when a call is not assigned to a user, the email no longer provides the content of the update without opening the call

Is anyone else seeing these anomalies?




Service Manager.PNG

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@Paul Welby,

When there is a warning in Progressive Capture, the offending node is usually highlighted and there is details provided in the tooltip. Are you able to check this?

I'm not sure whether I understand the problem that you're describing. Would you be able to provide screenshots or steps?

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@Paul Welby

The Progressive Capture engine is delivered through the Hornbill Collaboration application, which is automatically deployed to your instance whenever there's an update available hence this is not related to the update on the Service Manager application which you applied at the back end of last week.

The validation indicates that one or more forms in your flow have the same Id. As you can see, it is in fact a warning so it'll continue to be operational but on the basis of best practise, the Id for each customised form should be unique to help you process the data better in Business Process for example. I can't recall when this validation was added in but as mentioned, it doesn't stop the flow from working. It is also mentioned in our documentation that this field is a unique identifier, hence it would be best to keep them unique. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Customised_Forms

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Hello again Ehsan,

We are still experiencing issue with forms and for the life of me cannot see why it isn't working as expected.....
My colleagues on first line are logging an incident and going through the process and completing each screen as they normally do but when they select the site it should ask for the desk number but it is bypassing this form and going straight to asset details? any ideas?
I have attached another screenshot of the progressive capture form

Desk No issue.PNG

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In Build 1845, we addressed an issue around making decision based on the selected Site in Progressive Capture and it sounds like you're having the same issue here? If so then Build 1847 (which includes Build 1845) would address the issue.


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