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Starters/Leavers Process


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Has anyone successfully used Service Manager to manage the new employee start and/or leavers process?

We currently utilise SharePoint with Nintex workflow to process these but we are looking at an improved method.

Scope would be initial form to collect employee details and process various tasks and authorisations across various business areas. Nothing technically difficult but I was hoping to gain insight into what others may have done in this area. There is a starter process in the demo system but it's very basic.

thanks in advance

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Quite a few customers use Hornbill to do this, to various degrees of complexity.  The business process tool has everything you need and it should be easy to model what you want. However, here are a few questions you should consider.

1. Who is the onboarding/off-boarding process for? is this going to extend into the HR domain for dealing with the people side of the process? or is this just automating the IT related stiff you need to do?
2. What is the internal process at the moment, who initiates the process (the hiring manager? HR? someone else?)
3. What integrations do you need to automate this, for example, if you want to create user accounts do you have the automation infrastructure in place (ITOM or MS Orchestrator, or something like inTune etc)

Onboarding/offboarding is generally quite complex, but I would encourage you to get a very clear high-level picture of your process, at the sort of level you can verbally describe to someone, then build the basics, start small with a small number of Human tasks orchestrated, and then systematically improve and expand the workflows to get what you need. An iterative approach is almost always the best strategy for building out a complex workflow. 

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have


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