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Recording Service Outages

Geoff Soper

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I have a number of issues around the current implementation of Services.

This may be partly due to how we have set the portal up, with just 5 icons available for our internal customers - 1. What's not working, 2. Request Something, 3. People, 4. Information and Advice and 5. Security, but not wholly.

1. Whilst enhancing our progressive capture there is no way to assign a service (that is recorded in the Service Portfolio) to the call

2. You can however link a service manually. Custom fields have been added to our incident process to record start, end and total outage of the service - but there is no functionality to associate this outage to a linked service

3. Service outages can be recorded in the Service Portfolio when you change the status to unavailable or impact, but there is no way to add missed outages or incorrectly recorded outages.

Solutions to all 3 issues would be appreciated as service availability reporting is essential to any ITSM function.

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