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  1. I have a number of issues around the current implementation of Services. This may be partly due to how we have set the portal up, with just 5 icons available for our internal customers - 1. What's not working, 2. Request Something, 3. People, 4. Information and Advice and 5. Security, but not wholly. 1. Whilst enhancing our progressive capture there is no way to assign a service (that is recorded in the Service Portfolio) to the call 2. You can however link a service manually. Custom fields have been added to our incident process to record start, end and total outage of the service - but there is no functionality to associate this outage to a linked service 3. Service outages can be recorded in the Service Portfolio when you change the status to unavailable or impact, but there is no way to add missed outages or incorrectly recorded outages. Solutions to all 3 issues would be appreciated as service availability reporting is essential to any ITSM function.
  2. We have a number of measures and widgets that have to be updated routinely when staff leave or move to different teams within IT. If a column could be added called h_createdby_teamname this would make a lot of measures/widgets easier to maintain and less admin when we have any staff changes. Existing: h_requesttype IN ('Incident') AND h_createdby IN ('AVAUG', 'TJACK', 'REDWA', 'ASALV', 'ROSMO', 'AHOLL') Proposed: h_requesttype IN ('Incident') AND h_createdby_teamname IN ('Service Desk')
  3. Following the update yesterday we are still unable to carry out global searches and link calls.
  4. That's fine, thank you both for the analysis - I never make any changes on a Friday :-)
  5. Dave, It is the latter. See BPM workflow below - to me it looks as though everything is logically in the right place, but it I need to move the Start Resolve Timer to later in the flow - thanks
  6. Dave, This is an example of one of the rules - my team didn't create any of the rules - this was part of the implementation provided by Hornbill. Thanks Geoff
  7. Dave, The priority is not set via the BPM process - this is a manual step along with category and assigning the call - when these 3 steps have been completed the response target is set and the the resolve time is calculated, which is where our issue is. Thanks Geoff
  8. Please see screenshot below of the settings for the 'Start Resolve Timer' Do I add the following ?
  9. Thanks for replying Dave - rules are configured as below.
  10. Please see attached screen shots. Call set at Priority 6 - 5 days response and 30 days resolution, but the resolution set to the 2 hours after - so it looks at though this is picking up the 'Initial Service Level' - how do I resolve - thanks Service Manager Forum - 1.docx
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