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Creating Categories


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Please can i have some help. Im new to Hornbill and service manager so answers may well just be very simply.


On the existing service manager when you create a new request a list of categories (profiles ) i just want to add a new one so when i create eamil routing template i can link it to that one.


I have added a profile via system/data/profiles - but this is not showing on my service desk page? 


Really need some help please

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Hello Shamaila, 

You need to look at your service request in question and see what profile level is set as the root of the profile tree. This is done in the user app, Service Manager -> Service Portfolio, select the service request and configure the specific request type.  You can find that configuration here. 

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Hi Samaila,

Thanks for your post.

I just wanted to check if you added your new category under the right profile.  All request categories need to be added to the existing profile called Request. 


If the new category doesn't display immediately, you may need to just do a browser refresh on the Routing Rule Template page.

Please let us know if you are still unable to get it to show.



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