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drag and drop emails into service manager from outlook


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Hi all

ive just started with a new organisation and they are using hornbill (prev used ivant/landesk).

when attaching emails from outlook into a new service call, there is the drag and drop feature (which is useful) however when you do this, the email disappears from outlook - im unable to find out where it goes - is there a way of dragging/dropping this email into hornbill and the email still remaining within outlook?

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Guest Paul Alexander

This has been mentioned to me before too, but I forgot to ask on the forum! So I'd be interested in the answer too please...


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Hi all,

Just looking into this and it seems it is possible to prevent outlook deleting the email when you drag it into Hornbill, I've amended our fileupload component so that it no longer does this and this should be available soon, will let you know when it released.


Trevor Harris

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