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E-mail Template - Null Value Custom Fields

Will J Douglas

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Is it possible to control the behavior of custom fields in e-mail templates where there may be Null values.


On my prog capture, I check whether external parties are involved and update the relevant custom field.

If no external parties are involved, custom h_custom_j and h_custom_k will still have null / blank values.

On the notification e-mails, the custom field variable definition is displayed when the value is Null - see below.

I would rather this be blank or showing NA (not applicable).


External parties involved?:  No

External party details: {{.H_custom_j}}

External parties contacted? {{.H_custom_k}}

Remediation steps taken: None


It may confuse the recipients when they see things like h_custom_k

I guess I could address this by branching the business process and having two templates but its extra work and complication just to address Null values.




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Hi @Will J Douglas

Yes there is a modifier that can be added to variables to control whether or not the variable should show based on whether a value is present. 

To do this, the format is: {{.variable|empty}} - so in your example it would be {{.H_custom_j|empty}}
This means that if h_custom_j does NOT contatin a value, this whole string will not be present in the resolved template.

For more information we have a wiki page that gives some details about this: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Email_Templates

Hope this helps!

Kind Regards


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