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Adding someone as a Member versus using @

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

Just wanted to confirm my understanding of using Member, versus using @ on a request.

I can see the use of adding someone as a Member (follow requests etc), but I wanted to confirm that if I just use @Analyst in the Update node in a request that this also allows someone to come into a request where they are not a member of the team supporting a service, and allows them to action the request, or do I need to use both options - so in effect add someone as a Member then @ them with any required comment or actions?

I could not find anything obvious on the Wiki relating to using the @ function

Many thanks !

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Hi @Adrian Simpkins,

You'll need to add an analyst as a Request member in order to grant them access to view and action on the Request. By enabling "guest.app.requests.notification.notificationType.membersRecipient" application setting, members who are added to the Request will receive a notification. Tagging an analyst in a Timeline update does not grant them access to the said Request.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Ehsan

Thank you for confirming - so just so I am correct in the advice I give out to our Analysts, would be to add someone as a Member to a request, then if desired use the @ feature to specify why they have been added as a Member? The reason I ask this is it is not always going to be clear why someone has been added to a request by just adding them as a Member).

Currently the notification for being added as a Member has been turned on, and I can see this working as expected in my notifications. The @ message is also showing in the notifications correctly.


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