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Update request -> mention @Customer to send an email


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I would like to request the ability to type @Customer in the Update field to mention the current customer of the request. 

  1. The additional functionality should be that when this update is posted to the request, it should email the customer directly with the contents of that Update box into a variable via a Template.  We can then disable to "Update notification email" where required for certain Services.  Because there is no time or content checks on this current functionality, the customer keeps getting notifications that their request has been updated... and we could be actively working on these requests and posting updates that doesn't require the Customer to be notified each time.
  2. Another use for this functionality could be to automatically set the visibility of the timeline post to Customer as well
  3. And yet another use is that when the Customer logs on to the Portal(s), any unread posts with @Customer in it can be highlighted with a different colour to let them know they've not read it.



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Hi Samuel,

I just wanted to see if you knew about this new option under each Service, for the Update Action you can enable a feature that emails the customer whenever there is a request update that is customer facing.

More information on this can be found here.

Let us know if this helps.



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