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Default Asset picker potential bug?


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Hello HornBill community! :) 

I'm wondering if someone has the same issue as me or if I'm just missing something. I'm on build 1781 of the Hornbill Service Manager and I'm looking at the default asset picker that is available in the Progressive capture tool. I'm attempting to hide "Site" & "Companies" assets in the picker but as your see from the screen captures attached I've configured it to hide everything (just to prove to myself that I think it's broken) but when going into my capture from the self service portal I can still see all four asset selection boxes and they still work!

Am I misunderstanding something or have I found a bug? Does anyone else have the same issue on the version I'm on? 





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Guest Mohamed

Hi @Marty89

Thanks for your post, the development team have tried to replicate this issue but have had no luck. Could you perhaps provide any further replication steps aside from the configuration in the Progressive Capture admin tool?



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Sorry for not replying... but our product specialist during our go Live event managed to replicate the issue it's now fixed under the following: PM00159444 - Portals and My Services were not respecting the Progressive Capture Asset configuration options.

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