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Bulk asset name change - CSV


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I am trying to change/update the names of a bunch of assets in one go. I figured doing it via the CSV Import Utility would be a straight forward way as I don't want to change any other fields other than the name. 

I want to identify the asset via the asset tag and change the name so added the "h_asset_tag" and "assetTag" to the "AssetIdentifier" and "CSVAssetIdentifier" fields on the JSON - see attached pic. I assumed this would pick up the Asset Tag as the identifier and update the name to whatever I wanted. All this does is create a new asset with the new specified name from the CSV.

When I change the JSON data to "h_name" (AssetIdentifier) and "name" (CSVAssetIdentifier), it picks up the correct asset and updates it but of course I can't change the asset name that way. But could change the asset tag and add other info if needed.

Any ideas of a way to bulk change/update asset names? We use SCCM to sync our assets in to Hornbill. This name update would be something that will only be done a few times and will only effect assets that are no longer in SCCM so they would remain with the name change and not sync again with SCCM if that makes sense.




CSV asset update.PNG

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