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Shared Mailbox - Archive Mailbox Option

Martyn Houghton

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Can I request an enhancement to be able to 'Archive' a Shared Mailbox, that is the whole Mailbox itself, not just its content.

The reason being is that in Hornbill the source email object remains in the shared mailbox object and not the timeline of the request, which just has the textual extract of the email inserted in to it. Therefore if you want to remove a shared mailbox in order to re-use the mailbox license for a different service, you have to delete the mailbox and content.

Can I request the approach like with User licensing where we can mark the Shared Mailbox as 'Archived', so it is no longer used for mail polling, becomes static and is only accessible via the 'View Email' option from the appropriate Hornbill application. This way you can re-use the Shared Mailbox license for the new live service, but still retain the rich email content.



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