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Feature Request - Backdate Resolution Date or Time

Will J Douglas

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HI Will,

Thanks for your post.

I was wondering if you have looked at some of the escalation options to help ensure that resolution information is added?  I think that there is more value in trying to ensure that a breach of the resolution target doesn't happen in the first place.  Having notifications to the owner, teams, managers as the resolution time approaches should drive this.  Dashboards, charts, and Request List Views can also make these very visible.

Escalations also include actions on Boards.  You can create an escalation Board to track requests that are nearing their resolution targets.  

I understand that above and beyond this, there still may be some circumstances where requests slip through the gaps.  However, rather than changing history, it might be nice to have a way to identify breaches that happened through error or not updating a request and provide a Reason for Breach.  This may lead to identify people or areas where this is happening too much.  

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