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Help Please - The flow is poorly formed


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Morning all,

I might be having a baby brain moment however i am getting this error message and i cant for the life of me figure out why.
When i am trying to log a ticket on the portal for a new catalog item i am getting the error: The flow is poorly formed. Please contact your PCF manager.

Looking at the error message (which is huge) i can pick out the following:

"noActiveFlowMessage":"The progressive capture for this request type has not been made active"

However when checking the BPM and Pro Cap both are in fact active:


I have checked the BPM and Pro Cap and there are no errors on any nodes, and the catalog item is using these captures:


Does anyone have any ideas as to where i have gone wrong? i have never had this error in 3 years.

Please also see notepad ++ copy of error message: Hornbill error message




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