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Help Please - The flow is poorly formed


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Morning all,

I might be having a baby brain moment however i am getting this error message and i cant for the life of me figure out why.
When i am trying to log a ticket on the portal for a new catalog item i am getting the error: The flow is poorly formed. Please contact your PCF manager.

Looking at the error message (which is huge) i can pick out the following:

"noActiveFlowMessage":"The progressive capture for this request type has not been made active"

However when checking the BPM and Pro Cap both are in fact active:


I have checked the BPM and Pro Cap and there are no errors on any nodes, and the catalog item is using these captures:


Does anyone have any ideas as to where i have gone wrong? i have never had this error in 3 years.

Please also see notepad ++ copy of error message: Hornbill error message




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Guest Paul Alexander

Hi @yelyah.nodrog

I'm sure you've tried this, but the first thing I'd do is to DOUBLE check the PCF IS active by going in the PCF, and clicking the 'activate' button...then trying again!



Hopefully it's that easy!!?

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Guest Paul Alexander

Oh well....it was worth a shot :D

I've never had baby brain so I don't know just much of an effect it has  :D

I'm going to be no more help here....so I'll leave it to the pros! 



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Guest Paul Alexander

Actually...the first message on the error is that "dumpMessage":"nextNode is empty!"

Is there a node in the PCF which has no details in it? 

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