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Conditional Fields on the Get All Sites Data Query not working


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I have an issue with the Get All Sites Data Query. I am trying to show a conditional field based on the response given but it isn't doing anything.  See replication steps below

1. Data Query to get all sites

2. An example site i want to show conditional field on 

3. Conditional Field Flags and Condition

4. Question to be displayed based on the above condition

5. Observe the form, it's not showing the conditional field


I hope this can be resolved. 

The reason for doing this is that I could potentially trigger another ticket to the Hornbill Service, if someone selects an "Other" site that doesn't exist and investigate whether the information they've given in the text box is a new site that needs to be added to the list in Hornbill.



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Hi @samwoo,

To make any reference to site you need to use site ID - which unhappily it's quite hard to fine as ATM it is only exposed as part of the URL (you need to open any site details in admin).
We did update to admin part and ID will be exposed as first property above site name - should be available with next admin release. Hopefully this will help you to solve the issue.


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Thanks @Miro, I will keep an eye for that update.

Are there any plans in the future to allow the actual name/values to also be compared against in the future?  (for all data queries, not just Sites) 

I only ask, because in this context, if I had multiple "Other"  sites based on organisation it would be a lot easier to search where the text contains the word "Other"  instead of having to manage this manually per PCF that uses this; if other internally managed organisations come along. 

That being said because I am doing this for 3 Organisations at the moment, so I am happy with using the Site I'd for the moment. 

I also feel like I've asked this very same question before... And I've also gotten the same answer before... (in terms of how to use conditions based on the site data query) 

Many thanks! 


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Currently we are working on some changes in pro capture - there would be more possibilities as one field could return more values (like id and name) but this is still in alpha.
It won't happen now but it is something we are aware and working on.

Thank you,

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