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JSON to CSV Converter - MIGHT help with documentation

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

We've recently been tasked with looking at ways of documenting and cataloguing our Catalog Items which, as it turns out, is going to be a massive task! 

One of the tasks involved is going to be somehow getting a list of PCF's and BPM's and documenting what questions are asked and what manual activities are carried out in each of these. We currently have over 300 'live' BPM's so this is obviously going to take some time (and oh how I wish I'd done this when I started creating BPM's so I wouldn't be playing catch-up now!!)

Anyway.....getting to the point....I discovered that there is a free online tool which can help with this task. It can be found here: https://json-csv.com/

Basically, if you download a BPM or PCF definition, then copy and paste that JSON text  into the web site, it will convert it to a downloadable csv or Excel file which then helps you to filter out the questions, possible answers, conditional settings etc.

I thought it might be helpful to other people......so here you go!! 

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