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Scheduled time issue


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We're struggling with a time related issue when scheduling jobs through the Hornbill API. 

We're trying to build an automated deployment process between JIRA and Hornbill, which involves logging a call based off a JIRA ticket, including the scheduled time. The problem we're facing is that when logging the call from JIRA the call will be scheduled an hour later than the JIRA ticket states, it would appear that the API call is expecting a UTC time that Hornbill then processes for BST automatically for the schedule, however as we're wanting to put the call on hold until the deployment time, come off hold and start the deployment automatically this is causing problems. Its also inconsistently showing on notifications that are being sent out with the scheduled times. 

Is it possible to provide the API call to Hornbill in BST, or is it possible to turn off this conversion from UTC to BST?



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Hi @Andytaylor93,

The Hornbill API requires datetimes to be provided in UTC, and that is how they are stored in the database. When viewing request data (vi the main app), these UTC datetimes are displayed in the session users local timezone (BST in your case).

Is the issue actually with Jira providing the scheduled datetime in your local timezone (BST) rather than UTC? 



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