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  1. Hi James, The emails that are showing the images incorrectly are being sent from the Email View, emails from the BPM are working as intended
  2. For reference, all images shown in the normal signiture are showing as their full size rather than the size specified, not just the main logo
  3. Hi, We're having an issue with images in the email signiture from emails sent manually from Hornbill showing much larger than specified in the email template. Images are showing in real size Rather than the size specified in the email template The images show normally in auto generated emails and the email template used for that shows the exact same sizes for the images. I can inspect the emails properties and the details show that it should be the size specified in the email template (fourth image) These are showing correctly in webmail.
  4. Hi, We're struggling with a time related issue when scheduling jobs through the Hornbill API. We're trying to build an automated deployment process between JIRA and Hornbill, which involves logging a call based off a JIRA ticket, including the scheduled time. The problem we're facing is that when logging the call from JIRA the call will be scheduled an hour later than the JIRA ticket states, it would appear that the API call is expecting a UTC time that Hornbill then processes for BST automatically for the schedule, however as we're wanting to put the call on hold until the deploym
  5. Hi, Another issue this is causing is that, as we're trying to create an automated pipeline between Hornbill and JIRA for deployments, we were putting the call on hold until its scheduled time, however as this is out by an hour this is causing problems, do you have a solution for the scheduled time to show correctly as per the time logged from the JIRA ticket? Regards Andrew
  6. Hi all, We've got an issue with the call schedule showing an hour later than intended. We have an automated process where a script makes an API call to Hornbill to update the call with the scheduled start and end time as shown below. The problem is that the API call we made above provided a time of 10am and 11am for start and end time. We can see in the database that the time seems to be converted to BST as the time in the database entry for the call is the same as the above schedule. My question is, how can we stop this conversion? Thankyou Andrew
  7. Hi, We're currently experiencing an issue with timezones in Hornbill, I would like to set our timezone to British Summer Time (BST) but do not have an option to in the application or system options, this is throwing out scheduled times being passed into Hornbill from outside sources (JIRA etc) Is there a solution to this problem? Regards Andrew
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