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We've just started looking at Document Manager in more detail and I have a person assigned as our Document Manager.

She has been added to the DocManager Admin and DocManager Library User roles but doesn't seem to have the ability to share document libraries with anyone... 

The option to SHARE doesn't appear at the top of the library properties at all on a library I created but added her to with View, Publish  and Edit permissions.

This is what I see below:


This is what she sees:




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Only the owner of a library can share that library with other users, groups, and roles.  So you will only be able to share with other users if you created the library. 
When you share the library you can grant the following permissions against the library:

  • Can View - This will allow users to only view the documents in the library
  • Can Upload - This will allow users to add documents to the library
  • Can Edit Metadata - This will allow users to edit the libraries metadata (attributes)

More details are available on the wiki


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