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Saving Issue - Details Form and Filters

Logan Graham

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Hi All,

Hoping you can help me, we seem to have an issue with saving in a couple of places in Hornbill. 

I noticed in the details form that if I fill out any text fields I cannot click the save button(its greyed out) The only way for me to be able to save is to set dates in the form where we used to be able to just put text in the boxes and then hit save. 

The second area doesn't happen all the time but if we make a change to a filter such as remove "closed" from the status we are sometime unable to save that filter again it is greyed out. The only way I have found to fix this is to come out of the filter refresh the page and then go back in, this then gives you the option to do it. As mentioned this doesn't happen all the time but did happen when i was in my product specialist session yesterday with Bob so sadly I cannot get screen shots of this but it is similar to the details form.

Any help would be great.


Logan G

Details Form - Details.PNG

Details Form - No details.PNG

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