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Is there an implicit "services supported by me" filter when creating views?
I created a custom view with the only criteria being that I'm a customer. When I, as an analyst, look in the request list I cannot see this ticket.

I assume it's because it's on a service  I am a subscriber to but is not supported by my team but want to verify this.

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That is correct. In the request list and the views, you can only access requests for services that you support or requests where you have been added as a member.   It is quite reasonable for someone to be both an analyst and a customer.  For example, you may be in IT and support IT services, but for HR or another area, you may only be a customer.  As you wouldn't be someone that supports the HR service, you wouldn't have access, even to the requests where you are the customer, otherwise you could see things being discussed or processed by the HR team.

Hope that helps.




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