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Date functions in Integration Tool?

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Would it be possible to add some functions into the integration tool, to allow a date to be calculated based on another date?

For instance, I'm creating a Temporary Contract request for our HR department, and they want to be able to automatically put the call on hold until 2 weeks before the end of that contract, when they will double check with the Line Manager as to whether or not to extend the contract.

Is that something that's possible at the moment? Orm if not, could it be added as part of the integration tool please?


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Morning @Paul Alexander there is an option available now which will facilitate this in the Integration Call > Utilities > Get Timestamp


You can pass in a date / time value, in the example above the value in the custom field 21 and then ask for a timestamp to be returned which is offset from this value - in the example 42 days before it.  The output param can then be used as a variable in your process, for example - setting a due date for a task.

There is an example of this in the sandbox instance (admin.hornbill.com/demo) - if you login to admin console as grahamc and password: Hornbill there is a business process called Honoraria and in the 3rd and final stage there is an example of getting a date and then placing a request on hold (firing reminders) etc based on a calculated time / date from another time / date 


Hope that helps


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