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Awaiting Linked Request update not working

Paul Alexander

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Has something broken with the 'Suspend - Await Linked request Update' node? I created a 'test' BPM using this node before Christmas, which worked fine.

I've tried copying this process into a Live one today, but it's not working. I'm expecting the parent request to come off hold once an update is done to the linked request, but it's not working and I can't see why. (first pic is the Parent ticket, second pic is the Child ticket)




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Hi @Paul Alexander

After the update has taken place to the child request (from second screenshot), could you post a screen shot of the Timeline entry on the Child request?

The parent request will be looking at the timeline of the child request so I want to make sure that the text that you are waiting for is actually included within the child request's timeline.  At the moment it doesn't look like you are specifying a timeline entry.

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