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What are Guest Account Templates used for?


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Thanks for your post.  I'll look to get the documentation updated.  

There are two account templates available.  One for Guest and the other for Users.  The Guest accounts are used for Contacts which may require access to the customer portal.  This is used in conjunction with SAML authentication and the autoprovisioning of accounts based on the user's SAML login.  The idea behind autoprovisioning is that if you have an identity provider configured, accounts can be automatically created in Hornbill when a user attempts to login after being validated through the identity provider.  The templates simply allow you to set up how you want these users and guest to be created.  So, in theory you could start with no accounts in Hornbill and no importing of users, just simply let them login and have an account created for them.

The information on this page may provide a little bit more insight. 

I hope that helps.


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