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Customer Portal - "General Public" Use


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Hi guys, 

I spoke with one of your team yesterday regarding the customer portal and what can and cant be done with it. My understanding is that before a customer can log a ticket they have to have an account setup on the system (setup as a "contact" against an organisation with a username/password). 

In our industry our "customers" are the general public so this is not really practical. Ideally we would love to have some sort of form that a customer could fill out their name and email address along with a complaint (and custom fields) which then would create them as a generic "requester" and if configured, send them an "account creation" link so they can then log in if they wish going forward. 

I know your competitors already do something like this and also allow integration with Google and Facebook logins. 

Is this something that has been raised/thought about before? 



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Hi @Jack_Podmore

Within Administration if you navigate to Home->System->Manager Portals->Portal accounts and open the customer portal you will have some options under there.


These options include 


This will provide an option on the customer portal for the user to either login or register. When a user registers it will automatically create a contact on your system.

Let us know if this is the type of thing that you are looking for.



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