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Problem with Project template

Paul Alexander

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We've created a Project template (called Facilities Mobilisation) which has a few Milestones and quite a few Tasks.

Sometimes selecting this template when creating a new Project actually works (so the milestones and tasks are copied across), but sometimes it doesn't. We can't see any pattern to this (the screenshot shows some of the projects where the template WAS picked up (in yellow) and one where the template was NOT picked up (red))



Any ideas why this would happen please?





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@Paul Alexander the only thing I can think of is that the dates specified in the linked data for the template are somehow conflicting with the overall project dates. We are about to make a substantial change in this area so it may be something that we fix in passing. I'll ask our development team to do some testing around creating projects with templates that have different date ranges etc and see if they can find anything.



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Hi @AlexTumber

I know this is an old post, but we've now had exactly the same thing happen as above using the same template as before (Facilities Mobilisation) 

It's been working fine for ages, so I thought this problem had been fixed, but it's suddenly started again (the Project is created but the Tasks aren't added).

Any ideas please?


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