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User with full access to a "Library" cannot read the "Revisions" against the documents within.


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As the title states: User with full access to a "Library" cannot read the "Revisions" against the documents within - The user does not have permissions to view the specified document.

I have a library which i've allowed full permissions to 4 teams and 2 users (besides myself).

I have 4 reports which will be sheduled into this Library:
(there are 2 seperate reports, but there are 2 each to be run at different times of the day... I was hoping to be able to schedule 2 reports to run on the same day at different times within the same report... but this is a different issue).

I have already created the 2 document which will be where the scheduled reports go to. I have already done a dummy run for these reports so the Documents within the Library are now the correct file type (XLSX).

When one of the user's who has "Full" access to the library attempt to read the "Revisions" against the documents, they are presented with an error message:

I really hope I don't have to start adding individual users to each of these documents as they come and go and more reports may be required in the future. I think this relates to the issues I raised about the documents in the past, thankfully we are now able to change owners in bulk but not being able to allow Groups to amend or view revisions against document makes it rather tricky to maintain.

Is the above a potential issue if the permissions (i hope) cascade down from Library to document level? If not can I request this feature... and can someone provide me with a potential workaround that doesn't involve me adding in users individually one-by-one to each document?



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Hi @samwoo,

We are currently investigating whether it will be possible to give access to all the revisions of a document when it has been shared through a library and whether there are any security implications to this.

Will get back to you shortly with a more complete answer



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