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AutoMatically setting priority


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Hi @hollyp

In Service Manager we have a separation between Priority and Service Levels.  While the two can be configured to work together, there are also options that they can work independently of each other.  So, to answer your question I might need a little more information on your configuration.  When you say P6 does this refer to a priority or a service level?

One would normally start with creating a Service Level which contains your Service Level Targets (response and resolution targets).  You can define rules against your Service Levels that look at information provided in a request to automatically determine which Service Level to apply.  For example if you had a Request Catalog Item called PASSWORD RESET you could set a rule that for all of these Request Catalog Items set the Service Level to X.  This configuration is set up within either the Service SLAs or the Corproate SLAs under the Service Portfolio.


As mentioned you may want a direct link between the selected priority of a request and the Service Level.  To do this you would set up a rule with a condition that includes the priority set on the request.



If you are only referring to the Priority and not the Service Levels, this would be done as part of your BPM workflow where you would have a condition node that checks for information within the request to set the appropriate priority.  This would be using the operation for  updating a request.  Information about the Update Request Operation can be found here where one of the options is to update the priority.

Please let us know if you have any questions about setting any of this up.





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