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  1. We cannot raise incidnets within service manager, all other requests are ok. The following error appears - "Progressive capture 'CBC Incident Process' load error! No capture id found for CBC Incident Process" Any ideas?
  2. This is great, thank you.
  3. Good Afternoon, Does anyone know if hornbill has the capability of automatically raising requests for daily checks? We need to ensure our servers etc are running ok each morning and would like to have requests automatically raised every day that technicians can follow and resolve once checked. Thank you, Holly
  4. Is there anywhere we can change requests that have been raised by customers that are incorrect. At the moment we have a lot of service requests raised by customers that should be incidents. The customers do not care what the is the difference between a service request and an incident so educating will be wasted time and effort. however it is making our reporting incorrect. Surely there must be a way to change the type as an administrator???
  5. When changing a requests priority the SLA target resolution date is not changing to match the new priority. Does anyone know if this is a standard feature of hornbill or should the requests resolution update when the priority is changed?
  6. Can someone please point me in the direction how to setup auto priority if a certain type of request is raised. i.e. If a password reset request is received then the priority is set to P6.
  7. This was really helpful. Thank you.
  8. Hi, Is there anyway to bulk close resolved requests? or automatically close requests after a set period of time when resolved? Regards, Holly
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