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Overlapping and unfinished questions


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Hi All, just wanted to report a couple of anomalies with the new visual style. 

One is overlapping questions after clicking away from the answer field. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 09.23.58.png


The other is questions being cut off before being finished



 with the dot-dot-dots.





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Hello Again Daniel,

This one-line question limitation is giving us problems as there are questions we need to ask that do not fit in one line and cannot be reworded to exist in the description field.

We have turned off material view in the portal while this is still an option, but it is still formatted badly when Users go through 'my services' to find the self-service forms. 

It makes the form unuseable as below.



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Hello @LawesD,

I do understand your point and think is a valid reason to support multiline labels.

Due to the type of technology we use (without getting in to technicality) we will need to make certain changes that will not allow displaying the animations anymore for the label when you click on it.

I think is worth the change so we will do this.

Thank you for your feedback and I'll keep you updated when this change takes place.


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