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Support-works decomission

Richard Williams

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We are currently in the process of decommissioning our old support-works application but need staff to be able to access old calls and their attachments (i.e. maybe in a excel file or Access DB)

Do you currently have a solution for companies that decommissioned support-works in the past?

is there a way of storing attachments in a directory structure so staff can access?

Is there any useful advice on the best way to go about?




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Thanks Victor,

The data categories on our old support-works system had become a  little inconsistent due council reshuffles and redundancies so management decided start off with a fresh slate.  This means we didn't want to import old data that will be categorised in a better way with the hornbill launch.

A few of our departments still need to reference historic information and retrieve attachment occasionally for legal reasons.

I was thinking about a folder structure where all attachments are in a folder named with the call ref.  Is this possible?



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