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Off Hold on receipt of an email

Paul Alexander

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OK...this is now officially driving me nuts! 

I've asked before about why a ticket wasn't updating the sub status on receipt of an email: 


I've had this working before, but now I can't seem to get it working at all! 

I@m sure I've got everything set a it should be, but I cannot get the ticket to update the sub-status on receipt of an email.

Here's what I have: 

  • Request sub-status set to auto update FROM the on-hold sb state to the in-progress one:



  • Global sub-statuses:



  • The ticket STILL doesn't update on receipt of an email:



Does anyone have any idea where I'm going wrong please?




Admin EDIT: edited the screenshot to blank sensitive information

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12 minutes ago, Paul Alexander said:

What's the 'updateRequestStandardReference' for then please?

I think is more or less the same as "updateRequest" ... I'll ask internally and come back to you. To be honest this is the first time I see this operation, but it might as well been there for a while ... :unsure:

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@Paul Alexander ok, so,  'updateRequestStandardReference' is a "new" operation used to update requests where you do not need to provide a  request reference pattern if your request references use the default Hornbill pattern (e.g. two characters representing request type followed by 8 digits). The 'updateRequestNumbersReference' is another "new" operation where again you don't need to provide a request reference pattern if your request references is made from 8 digits only... (iirc)

Did the sub-status update work using "updateRequest" operation? Please remember that when using this operation in routing rule, the reference field is mandatory... you need to specify a REGEX pattern there (if you haven't already)

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The tickets are now updating as expected after I switched it back to the 'Update Request' and added the regex thank you.

So it seems that the 'updateRequestStandardReference' didn't work for us even though I've used the same regex. From what you've said though, if I use that option then I don't NEED the regex...is that correct? I have tried using both options (with a regex and without) and it doesn't work either way. The email IS added to the call, but the status is not updated and the ticket doesn't come off hold. So would it be fair to say that that option just doesn't work?! 

I've reverted to the 'update Request' option with a regex which is working now, so thanks for getting me back on track.



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@Paul Alexander ok, there might be some confusion here (mainly because I did not actually explained properly) so I'll try and explain :)

'updateRequestStandardReference' does work as designed meaning it will update a request without the need to specify a request reference REGEX pattern. However, this operation has a flaw currently which is it won't update the request status/sub-status if this is configured on the service (it does everything else is supposed to do though). So, meanwhile I would advise using 'update Request' operation (and specify the request reference pattern as needed) as this operation does not have any flaw currently :) 

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