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Can organization custom fields be made searchable


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Some of our customer organisations have changed their names over the years due to for example mergers and purchases. They may however informally still be known by their old names.

We got a request from our first lines to add a custom field "Alternative Name" to our organisations, this will then be one of the custom fields where this informal name would be stored.

However, if I search for the alternative name in the organisations list I get 0 hits, is it possible to through some setting allow searches for this, otherwise consider this a development request.


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Hi @Daniel Dekel

I tried using that but cannot search for it anyway. Is there a flag that must be set somewhere?

No custom fields are shown in filter fields and searches in main field end up empty.

The only fields I see are Industry, Country, Phone Number and Web Site

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20 minutes ago, Daniel Dekel said:

@HHH, make sure the custom field is checked in the "Available Display Columns" (the cog button) then it will apear in the filters list.


Dooh! Of course. Thanks!

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