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Customer sign-off/Asset provisioning


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Hi all,

Just wondered how you all managed the 'sign-off' of assets within Hornbill?

For example we procure Microsoft Surface Pro devices. After we've setup and configured the device ready to hand-over we'd like the customer to sign to agree they have received the device and read the usage guidelines, etc.

It'd be cool if we could get them to physically write their signature using the Surface pen and apend it to the request/asset somehow.

Interested to hear your thoughts!

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Hi Daniel,

 thanks for your post.

Both requests and asset records support the adding of attachments. Whether the user is required to sign an electronic document of some kind or you simply require their signature as a image, I'm sure this can be emailed back to the service desk upon delivery of the new asset to the customer.

Naturally, I would assume there will be some prompt or checklist within your business process to ensure the technician completes this step prior to closing the request.

Whether the attachment ultimately resides against the asset record or against the request itself would largely depend on your preference and what you feel makes sense based on what the signature represents. You mention that it would indicate receipt of the device and acceptance of the usage guidelines, thus in my opinion linking this information to the request would seem logical as this is more about the procurement and delivery of the asset (performed as part of the request) and acceptance of broader IT policy, rather than anything really specific in terms of Asset no. XYZ123.

It would be good practice to ensure the request (and any subsequent requests relating to reallocation of the asset) is linked to the asset record.

I hope that helps,

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