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Dynamic fields not populating in customer portal


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Hi all,

A customer has reported that they were unable to complete our new starter request process as one of the fields did not present any options. As per below screenshot the progcap contains a Dynamic Checkbox group which references a simple list. I believe refreshing the page resolves this, however this can be frustrating for users as they have to complete the form again from the beginning. Is there a permanent fix available for this?


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Hi @dwalby,

Still unable to replicate. I wonder if it would be possible to check if there are any errors in code when problem occurs. To do it you need to open "developer tools" (by pressing F12) and then go to console. Once you have it open then press F5 and start using portal. If problem happen again and there appear any errors would be great if you post it here.

Best Regards,


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@Miro  @dwalby

Not sure if its the same problem but I've just had one of our external customers inform me that he is experiencing a problem logging Requests with us. He fills in the Summary & Details etc for the request and gets to the Priority screen. Where it would normally have the drop down options he's saying there is nothing happening at all - no drop down, no options and no way forward as a result. 


He says if he cancels the log attempt and tries again the Priority drop down does appear and he can log the request. This is becoming annoying to him as he has spent a bit of timing adding detail etc only to have to do it again.

In his case he is using Chrome as a browser






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