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Report on who is using the mobile app


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Is there a way to check who is using the mobile app and who has used it?  I found some information by reporting on the h_sys_event_mobile table.

I am not sure what it is showing as my mobile shows up but I installed the app, accessed it and then deleted it yesterday, and deleted the device from my settings.

Is there a better way of seeing who has or is using the mobile app?




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Thanks @Lyonel,

I tried that table but it  only gave me one entry for an LDAP Import.  The h_sys_event_mobile shows only me and a colleague who have both installed, accessed and deleted the app and details from account, last week.

I know a couple of others have installed and accessed it.  For the moment we want to stop it being used, and it would be good to see who has it installed.


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