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Visibility of Linked Requests - Service subscription frustrations


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We often have a situation where requests are created against an incorrect service ( lets call this service A ). When this happens we create a linked request against another service ( B ) of the correct type to assign it to the correct team. 

The problem with this is that team who receive the linked request (B) need to see information contained in the original request (A). In order for them to see this, they need to be subscribing teams of service A. This is causing significant issues whereby owners of A are simply reassigning to a team supporting service B rather than raising a linked request since they can see them in the supporting teams when choosing to assign.

This is causing significant frustration among the teams on both sides. What can we do to avoid this?

Of course this is partly about following process, but there should be a systematic way to prevent this happening. Subscriptions are artificial as the teams in Service B are not supporting service A.

What we really need is a mechanism for visibility of requests without being subscribed to the service these requests belong to. 

Could we please have some way of achieving this.








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