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Services not selectable


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NEW: When creating a new Contact through Progressive Capture, the email address is pre-populated if available {CH00148771}

Was waiting for this update. Tried it and it worked. Unfortunately when we are using this node to select a customer, the services are not shown correctly in the service details node. It seems that all other services are show where the organization is not registered to.

Is this a bug or is there a configuration part I'm missing?

Kind regards,


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Guest Mohamed

Hi @m.vandun

Thanks for your query. I've been trying to replicate the steps mentioned, however it seems to be working fine
Would it be possible to provide some screenshots of each step taken so i can understand the problem better



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Guest Mohamed

Hi @m.vandun

Thanks for that, just to help us out further, are you raising a particular request type?
In addition just to clarify, when you say "customer / contact search is enabled" does that mean: 
Scenario 1: Customer Search form  > Services List
Scenario 2: Contact Search form  >  Services List



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