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Problems login into Service Manager this morning

Rohit Govind

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Not sure if you're aware but having problems logging on to Service Manager this morning.

Same errors as before:


Operation timed out after 10008 milliseconds with 0 out of -1 bytes received

Please contact you system administrator or click here to try again

Can someone look into this please?




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We have completed the investigation and identified the root cause. For a given API request type the server was unable to connect to the underlying service over a secure socket (SSL). This caused an error which was unhandled exception that caused the service to fail.

Our development team have already identified the offending lines of code and a fix provided which will be deployed in the next update.  (We have also checked that all other API request types already have the appropriate error handling in place).

We hope this clarifies your query.

Kind Regards

Keith Stevenson


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