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Morning, Quick question

We have recently starting having issues when sending out a email to our Change stakeholders distribution list on our changes,

we are getting a message advising:

mail Update by unknown sender (administrator@gosh.nhs.uk)

Undeliverable: The Change CH00024674 has been implemented

Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:

Your message can't be delivered because delivery to this address is restricted.
Diagnostic information for administrators:

Where is it getting the address administrator@gosh.nhs.uk? I think its restricted due to something happening to the distribution list as it advises delivery to the address is restricted, however it is also advising that the administrator@gosh.nhs.uk email address is a unknown sender and I cant remember ever setting anything like it up?

Can someone tell me where this is and why it is showing as this?

Please see attached email with more errors:

RE Request CH00024674 has been updated via email.msg




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@yelyah.nodrog this bounce back message is generated by your mail server, nothing to do with Hornbill. This needs to be investigated by your mail server administrators.

You also have a routing rule in place which will automatically update requests with the bounce back message. The automatic update will in return generate a Hornbill email notification to analysts. So what needs to be done (imo):

1. Liaise with your mail server admin to investigate why the "undeliverable" bounce back messages occur

2. Amend your routing rules to exclude these "undeliverable" bounce back messages from being applied to requests.

Note: I would advise editing your original post to remove sensitive information (such as email addresses). I kindly remind you our forums are publicly accessible. Only registered users can create new threads, however, anyone can see the forum threads, so information posted by our users can be seen by anyone (not only our registered users)...

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