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Access to calls from redundant services


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We've got some redundant services which we do not want our customers to use or see on the portal but we'd like them to have access to the historic calls created by these services. Apparently this is not possible but seems like an important requirement.




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@paul_rbbc does the redundant service have any catalog items configured? I am thinking you can have the redundant service with portal visibility On... as it does not have any catalog items it won't be displayed on the portal but because the portal visibility is On, it should grant access to requests against the service... I haven't tried this configuration though...

EDIT: on a second thought, what I think it would happen though, is that the service will be visible on portal but no one will be able to raise new requests against it since it won't have any catalog items (you could also make the catalog items "Service Desk" only, instead of removing them which would be a preferred option)

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Hi @paul_rbbc

For the redundant services, if you set their Portfolio status to ''Retired'' the service will no longer be available for the customers on the portals to raise requests, however they will still be able to see their historic calls for the service under the ''All My Requests'' view.



I hope that helps.



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